Wheels Across America: Carriage Art and Craftsmanship – Volume 2

Author: Daniel D. Hutchins

Featuring eight carriages from the Northwest Carriage Museum!

Wheels Across America celebrates the artistry and innovation of the craftsmen who designed and built horse-drawn vehicles. This multi volume sequential set of books presents the largest historical account of makers, manufacturers, jobbers, agents, dealers and company outlets ever assembled, including reference to the related trades of blacksmiths, wheelwrights, wainwrights, trimmers, painters and more. Wheels Across America completely describes this important facet of American craftsmanship in a comprehensive tribute to the art of these makers and their history.

Thousands of company names and history were referenced and listed in the 272 pages of Volume 1 alone. Now in Volume 2 we are able to display even more of the author’s incredible and extensive collection of rare old original manufacturer’s catalogs, documents, photos, and vintage graphics along with a variety of photos from many private and public museum collections.

134 pages for $34.95

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