Things to Do:                             Local Info:                                   Friends of the Museum:

-Public Market                            –City of Raymond                         –Oxbow Trade Company
Seaport Museum                        –City of South Bend                      –Hansen Wheel
Westport Winery                        –Willapa Harbor Chamber             –Dennis Company
World Kite Museum                    –Pacific EDC                                 –
Pacific County Historical            –Tokeland-North Cove                   –Washington Draft Horse
Museum                                      Chamber of Commerce                 and Mule Association
Museum of the North Beach       –Westport Visitor Info                    –Carriage Driving Essentials
Columbia Pacific Heritage          –Long Beach Peninsula                  –Museum of History
Museum                                           Visitor Bureau                         and Industry
.                                                                                                    –Carriage Association
.                                                                                                    of America
.                                                                                                    –Horse Radio Network
.                                                                                                    –Pitchwood Alehouse
.                                                                                                    –AAA
.                                                                                                    –National Stagecoach and
.                                                                                                     Freight Wagon Association