Our Collection

The Northwest Carriage Museum is home to over 50 magnificently restored 19th century vehicles. When these carriages, buggies, and wagons were in use, times were significantly different. The average man at the end of the century was making $200 to $400 per year. A gold watch cost $6, a new rifle might run you $10. Two bits might buy you a new shirt or you could have bought our C-Spring Dress Landau for $1500. The Rolls Royce of its time, this Landau was elegant, driven by a driver and pulled by a matching pair of horses. Contrast this vehicle with our 1895 Studebaker Buggy, a common man’s vehicle you might have bought for $50. Both of these vehicles are on display at the museum along with many others including our Shelburne Landau used in the classic movie “Gone With the Wind”, our Carved Panel Hearse used in the 1942 movie “Gentleman Jim” with Errol Flynn and our English Road Coach that delivered mail in the 1850s. You will enjoy  learning about and taking pictures of our unique collection of historic vehicles on your visit to the Northwest Carriage Museum. See below and enjoy a preview of what you’ll see at our museum.