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Northwest Carriage Museum 


The museum opened in 2002 with 21 horse-drawn vehicles. Throughout the years, as we acquired more vehicles and artifacts, we needed to expand our display space! In 2015, the new “Barn” addition was opened to house our work-related vehicles. The current collection of over 60 vehicles and related artifacts is truly one of the finest in the country. The museum has become Pacific County’s largest year-round tourist attraction and is considered a “MUST SEE” for visitors to the Pacific Northwest.



Our 1880s Carved Panel Hearse heading into the newly opened museum, being moved by volunteers.Arrival of the Hearse: Men push an antique coach to the Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond for restoration.Jon Hahn/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

PHOTO: Jon Hahn/Seattle Post – Intelligencer



The museum has become an information resource center for horse-drawn related restoration and historical information.
Many vehicles in the collection have been fully restored to their original elegant beauty. Other vehicles have gone through a “conservation” process where original paint, pin striping, trim (upholstery) and lettering are saved and preserved.
Determination as to restoring versus conserving is based on many factors including condition, historical significance, labor and costs. Since our collection contains both restored and conserved vehicles, visitors get the best of both worlds… Come take a look!



More than a decade after Gary & Cec Dennis’s original donation of 21 carriages, they donated this 1880s Stagecoach all the way from Kentucky.
Jerry & Cec donate another carriage, this stagecoach, given to the Museum they inspired building. PHOTO: Chinook Observer

Board of Directors

  • Laurie Bowman, Director Emeritus
  • Jerry Bowman, President of the Board & Curator
  • Don Corcoran
  • Chris Halpin
  • Mike Sowa
  • Paul Karnatz
  • Pam Sowa

From Left: Chris Halpin, Don Corcoran, Pam Sowa, Mike Sowa, Jerry Bowman, Paul Karnatz

From Left: Laurie Bowman, former Board Member Donna Franks, Director Anna Golbov

NW Carriage Museum: The BowmansJerry and Laurie Bowman, keeping history alive with the museum since 2004

2022:  20th Anniversary

Bowed Front Brougham
PHOTO: Northwest Carriage Museum

The museum opened in 2002 with 21 vehicles. Since then, the Museum has expanded to 63 vehicles.

“It’s grown to be so much bigger than what it first was,” [Director] Laurie [Bowman] said. “When we first came in, we saw this little perfect museum and we thought we could grow this place and that’s what’s happened. We are so proud of what the museum has become. I’m so inspired that we’ve grown it to add so many vehicles.

The museum is open year-round from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Bowmans also offer museum tours outside of normal business hours to those who are interested.

“It’s the largest tourist attraction in Pacific County. We have the only visitors’ center open year-round. We have people here all the time and we’re really proud of that. We’re bringing a lot of people to Pacific County,”        –Curator Jerry Bowman


We are home to over 60 beautiful horse-drawn vehicles including carriages, buggies, wagons and sleighs, and  hundreds of historical artifacts that help bring history to life!

We are dedicated to keeping history alive for future generations, educating about horse-drawn transportation, restoration and conservation of the vehicles and supporting our local community. 

The museum is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization so your donation may be tax-deductible (Tax ID Number #91-2027251); consult your tax preparer for more information. In accordance with state recommendations for nonprofit organizations, we present our Federal 990s: 2021|2022|2023

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“I told him, ‘I know, but I’m glad we’re in Raymond.’ ”

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