Northwest Carriage Museum 2024 Art Competition

A Northwest Carriage Museum Event banner showing a collage of some of last year's entries.
All submissions are due by May 2nd, 2024 at 4pm!
For the second year in a row, the Northwest Carriage Museum wants to see our museum through your artistic vision! Any kind of handmade art (that includes just about anything but photography) that is related to our museum or collection is fair game.
Deliver it in person or by mail to the museum, or in digital form to, by May 2nd at 4pm. Winners will be chosen on May 3rd and a gallery of entries will be on display in the museum throughout May for Museum Month! The Grand Prize-winning piece earns a permanent place in our museum collection for the world to admire!
***For reference images of the museum and collection, please see the many photos and videos on our website and social media accounts!***
Submissions will be judged in Youth (ages 17 and under) and Adult (18 and over) categories, and categories of medium, TBD based on submissions (i.e. paintings, mixed media, etc.)
Competition Rules:
Submission implies permission for the Northwest Carriage Museum to use your artwork in museum exhibits, posts on museum social media, or as a raffle prize or saleable item for museum fundraising. If we wish to create more than one physical print of your work for sale or use beyond this competition, we will contact you for permission before doing so. If you wish to retain your original, we will gladly accept print reproductions or digital submissions.
Your work will always be clearly attributed to you, and we are grateful for your participation!
For digital submissions, including photos or scans of physical works, please ensure 300 DPI resolution and a file format of JPG or PNG and specify the intended print size of digital artwork.
Please be sure to include your contact info including name, phone number, email, mailing address, age (only if submitting for the youth category), and any social media or web accounts you’d like us to tag with your artwork.
Thank you in advance for your submissions, we are so excited to see your creations!
Digital art or photos and scans of physical mediums should be emailed to Physical artwork can be mailed to or dropped off at the museum:
Northwest Carriage Museum
ATTN Anna Golbov
314 Alder Street
Raymond, WA 98577
Questions? Give us a call at (360) 942-4150!