1880s wooden and metal sleigh runners for converting a wheeled buggy into a sleigh.

1880s Sleigh Runners on display in the Northwest Carriage Museum

So, it’s 1895 and your family is living on $300 to $400 a year. You own a buggy and one horse; you can’t afford a second vehicle, especially a rarely used sleigh. Oh no, it’s snowing and you need to make a run to town for supplies! What to do… what to do!?  Get yourself some sleigh/sled runners! Take off them ol’ buggy wheels and strap on the runners–convert that ol’ buggy into a lean, mean snow machine! LOL! Seriously, though, our late 19th-century runners did just that: converted a wheeled horse drawn vehicle into a bob sleigh which could be used during snowy weather!

A complete set is on display at the museum.