buggy wrenches

Did you know that a buggy wrench was the only tool needed to assemble your new buggy back in the 1890s? Often, buggies and other vehicles were ordered from catalogs; in fact, you could order a new buggy from the Sears catalog back in 1895 for $29.95. That buggy would be delivered to your home (not by Amazon) and all you needed to do was uncrate it, find your buggy wrench, and put it together. That little wrench fit your hub nuts and every other square nut on that buggy. Once assembled, just hook up your horse and go to town. Here’s another good idea: best take that wrench with you… you never know what might be loose after a ride to town! This original wrench is from our 1895 Studebaker buggy. I have actually used it on our buggy… pretty handy!