Curator’s Corner

The Chuckwagon: have kitchen, will travel… portable living before #vanlife

When I look at a chuckwagon, I see much more than a range kitchen. Sure the kitchen was there for all the meals, coffee and biscuits for breakfast, beans, biscuits, meat, cobbler and coffee for supper; when the chuckwagon was set up there was always a pot of strong coffee brewing. But the chuckwagon was so much more to the cowhands far from home.

A Racy Piece of Washington History

Our old wooden wagon seat is an incredible piece of Washington State history. The Longacres Racetrack in Renton was founded in 1933 by Seattle Real Estate magnates Joseph Gottstein (1891-1971) and William Edris and designed by B. Marcus Priteca. The track’s storied history is amazing. State legislation allowing pari-mutuel betting was passed in early 1933 and signed into law by Gov. Clearance Martin on March 13, 1933. The track closed to live racing on September 21, 1992. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer